Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting the information of our clients

At Dalton Financial, protecting the privacy of client information is our priority. Although we limit the unnecessary, we are required to collect and store client information to assist with the management of client accounts. This helps Dalton to provide a better level of service and to comply with law in view of Anti-Money Laundering policies. Dalton will not sell client information to anyone. We use our client information policies as a demonstration to show that each client relationship is important to us.

This privacy policy is applicable to current and former clients. The content of this privacy policy will use the term 'Personal Information' in reference to client information that we collect, use and store in line with our security policies.

1. Under no circumstances will Dalton sell Personal Information.

2. Under no circumstances, other than by cooperation under law or client consent, will Dalton disclose Personal Information to outside entities. Under consent of the client, Personal Information may be disclosed to a third party; service provider, investment advisor, bank or other outside entity that will assist with client related services.

3. Personal Information is collected, used and stored to help Dalton better serve the interest of its clients. Collection methods include but may not be limited to;
a) Client Account Application - Personal Information is required in order to open a client account. Standard information is collected, which may include; full name, date of birth, residential address, business address, contact telephone numbers, email addresses and financial information relating to current investments.
b) Transaction Records - Efficient administration of client accounts is assisted through the Dalton records system. Dalton will record client transactions, maintain running balance statements and frequent performance review reports.

4. Dalton are committed to the protection of Personal Information. Using industry standard technologies and internal security procedures, Dalton ensures;
a) That employee access to Personal Information is restricted to those who manage particular services on behalf of a client. Dalton employees are educated on the seriousness of maintaining client confidentiality and are required under contract of employment to adhere to Dalton's security policies.
b) Dalton utilises industry standard physical and electronic security systems to safeguard Personal Information.

5. Maintaining the accuracy of Personal Information is both the responsibility of Dalton and its clients. Clients are responsible for informing Dalton of any changes or errors to his or her Personal Information. Dalton is responsible for making that any changes or errors are made and reordered under the terms of its security policy.

6. Changes to this privacy policy can be made at any time. Clients will be informed of intended changes no later that 10 business days prior to the change. Visitors to the dalton website are requested to periodically consult this privacy policy. Continued use of website is herby taken as consent.

If you have any further questions, please contact Dalton on +813 457 90729