Managed Funds

Managed Funds

Access to a world of professionally managed, risk-adjusted investment funds.

Dalton affords access to a range of managed funds that seek to accommodate a fixed objective tailored to suit your needs. Our clients benefit from managed funds due to their simplicity, increased diversification benefits and as an efficient solution to the time restraints and knowledge required to efficiently maintain investment performance. Our funds range from money market funds, equity funds, bond and fixed income funds, balanced funds (combination of capital appreciation and fixed income), to global funds and speciality funds.

Institutional level investments

The primary function of a managed fund is to provide you with access to a larger collection of securities, usually but not limited to stock or bonds, under a one sole structured investment. Managed funds offer a cost effective approach to having your wealth advisor monitor and service your investment on a full-time basis. Typically, managed funds are less expensive than performing across an asset allocation platform.

Being exposed to a managed fund presents further benefits as you are able to participate in a much larger pool of assets, which are usually reserved for institutional investors. Allocating assets across a large number of securities provides a range of diversification and risk mitigation benefits. The potential for loss incurred from one particular asset class is more likely to be offset against the gains in the other assets contained within the fund.

There is a managed fund to suit every type of investor. Contact Dalton to ascertain which managed fund would most befit your requirements.