Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Operating a time honoured approach to the allocation of assets across a diverse range of investment opportunities.

At Dalton Financial have a passive approach to client capital gain. Using variable risk modelling, we seek undervalued assets that emerge, looking to propel themselves in an upward direction. However, when guiding our clients, we listen to their individual goals and aspirations, fully appreciate their risk tolerance, while taking their future capital needs into consideration.

While some investors limit themselves to one investment philosophy, others may err towards a more diverse investment plan in their approach to achieving their objectives. Many investors prefer straightforward equity placements or corporate bond positions, others prefer the excitement and rewards that derivatives such as futures' and options bring.

Flexible investment solutions

At Dalton Financial we offer a range of portfolio strategies that prioritise diversity. We strive to create a portfolio structure, which is based on a complimentary asset allocation model. Of paramount importance to achieving success, the preservation of capital remains vital as we seek to appreciate your wealth. We ultimately look towards constructing truly diversified portfolios, using the most key industries and sectors, employing all available products and instruments needed to prosper. Whatever your motivation, there is a Dalton Financial strategy for you.

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