Family Office

Family Office

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Multi-generational wealth organized into one consolidated family office structure.

Dalton Financial provides a bespoke family office service for families that require an impartial and professional way to structure their multi-generational wealth. The decision to delegate a family office structure to an impartial party to manage the assets of ultra-high net worth families is often extremely complex to say the least. Satisfying the family entity in its entirety demands the undivided attention and cooperation of a team of experts who are individually responsible for managing their specific area of expertise, and collectively responsible for ensuring that the demands of managing wealth of such importance are met in a timely and accountable manner.

Upholding your family legacy

Dalton supports you in search for an all-embracing solution that addresses the complex demands of your family's wealth. Our in-house legal, administrative and financial specialists are here to discuss your requirements, advise you on the most efficient course of action, and assist you with the implementation and continued management of a family office structure in accordance with your needs and desires.